Just as the obstacles are everywhere, so too are the teachers. They appear as we need them; we bring them forward with our calls for help. And we, too, in whatever stage of the green path, can be wisdom sources for others, passing the green spark along.” – Stephanie Kaza, Mindfully Green

Making the crossing!

February 17, 2019

Waterloo Region Crossing

Despite all my preparations for the Waterloo Region Crossing, to be honest I wasn’t sure whether I would manage to complete it. While I had done my best to get in shape, my training sessions had involved going an hour at most. Determined though to at least do my best, I made sure I was ready to board the bus in Waterloo by 6:15 am (before the sun was even up!) for transport to the event’s starting point. More…

Getting in Gear

Posted on February 16, 2019

Warm mitts!

Early on, I realized that going around town to buy my gear for the Waterloo Region Crossing that I participated in last weekend did not make sense to me. My reasoning for not wanting to do so was this: I didn’t want to be trying to make the ends justify the means. More…

In Training

Posted on February 15, 2019

The glamorous headgear I wore for training in -30 degree Celsius temperatures.

I desperately needed to train! That was the discovery I made when I first started preparing for the Waterloo Region Crossing, a trek that happens in the dead of winter with the goal of raising awareness about the risks of exposure for the homeless. More…

The Great Trek

Posted on February 12, 2019
Waterloo Region Crossing 2019 map

The Waterloo Region Crossing started last year as a crazy idea to raise awareness about the risks of exposure for the homeless by going on a 65 km trek in the dead of winter. Involving then only a few people, this year the event was opened to the public and amazingly about 100 participants signed up. I, for reasons I will share here, was one of them… More…

My New Lease on Life!

Posted on February 9, 2019


My last birthday marked a major milestone. I turned forty-nine, just one year short of having lived half a century. The gravity of this didn’t really hit me hard until my church had a requiem service recently where we reflected on the aging process and death. More…

A Tale of a Christmas Present

Posted on December 18, 2017


As though Ebenezer Scrooge himself had descended upon our household, this December I found myself overcome with a sense of compassion and sadness for my six year old as she sobbed, “Mommy! Is Christmas cancelled? Is it?!? Is it? Christmas is ruined! This is the worst Christmas ever!” More…

“With Gorilla Gone, Will There Be Hope For Man?”